Business Internet Service

In business, time is money. Nowhere is this more true than with your Internet service. CitEscape can save you time and money in many ways, such as the time of having to wait for uploads or downloads. 

CitEscape can save you from down time due to inadequate network performance. We can help you quickly determine whether or not a problem exists on our end, thanks to our Monitored Network. If you ever experience a problem that is out of our hands, our technicians can still save you time by directing you to the next step of getting your business online. In the unlikely event that CitEscape experiences an outage, you can rest assured that you've chosen a local company that can respond quickly to emergencies.

Business Standard Packages

Plan Download* Upload* Price Per month

Standard Silver 1.5 Mbps 800 Kbps $49.99
Standard Gold 2.5 Mbps 800 Kbps $69.99
Standard Platinum**   3.0 Mbps 800 Kbps $89.99
Standard Ruby** 6 Mbps 800 Kbps $139.99

Internet Installation Fee: Please call or email for any specials in your area

Business Premium w/ 24 hour support

Plan Download* Upload* Price Per month

Premium Silver 1.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps $119.99
Premium Gold 3 Mbps 1.5 Mbps $149.99
Premium Platinum** 6.0 Mbps 1.5 Mbps $179.99
Premium Ruby** 9 Mbps 2 Mbps $429.99

Internet Installation Fee: Please call or email for any specials in your area

If you are interested, give us a call or simply click to request a Site Survey. We also offer business phone service. Check out our section on how it works and what it costs.


* Speeds may vary based on conditions. Download and upload speeds are for speeds up to the advertised offering.
** Not all plans are available in all locations


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