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Things to check, before calling:

? Do you have any 900MHz devices turned on in your house? Things like older cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless security cameras can cause intermittent interference. Disconnect their power from the wall socket and test to see if your are able to connect to the Internet after you've powered them off.

? 2.4 Ghz cordless phones (or other 2.4 Ghz wireless devices) may create interference with wireless routers.

? Check that your computer is configured to utilize a high-speed connection.

? Check that all of  your network cables are properly connected. They should make an audible click when you plug them in. The connectors on network cables, or RJ45, look like a wide version of the connector on a telephone cord.

Note: Unplugging the network cable from the “To Radio” side of CitEscape's POE adapter cuts the power to your leased equipment. While this does not harm the equipment, be aware that, once you plug the cable back in, it may take a few minutes before you can use your Internet connection.

? Check that CitEscape's Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter is plugged into an outlet and powered up (the green light in the corner should be lit). The POE adapter may be located in your utility room (if you have a router there) or it may be near your computer.

? Check that your POE adapter is connected correctly. The network cable plugged into the “To Radio” side of the adapter should be the cable that connects to your leased CitEscape equipment. The “To Computer” cable from the POE adapter should either be plugged into a computer, or it should be plugged into the Internet (sometimes labeled WAN) port of a router.

? Check the lights on your router. The Internet (sometimes labeled WAN) light on a router indicates the status of your Internet connection. If the Internet light on your router is flickering, then you should have an Internet connection. Try power cycling your router, if you still cannot get on the Internet.

? If you have a wireless connection to a router, then you should be able to see the SSID, or name, of the router you are connected to. Check to be sure that you are not connected to a neighbor's wireless router.

? Check for faulty equipment. Bypass the router (if possible). Disconnect the cable plugged into the Internet (WAN) port of your router and then plug it into the network port on your computer. If you are able to get on the Internet this way, then there may be a problem with your router and/or network. These types of problems are beyond CitEscape's control.

? Check for overprotective software. Although CitEscape recommends using software designed for Internet security, such software has been known to prevent computers from connecting to the Internet (To its credit, that DOES keep your computer extremely safe, but it isn't very productive). Read through the options for your specific software, and look for firewall-related settings which may be set too strictly. Be aware of any changes you make, as they could compromise your computer's security.


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